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New Orleans is not the most important game remaining for the Baltimore Ravens

Although many are saying that this Monday Night matchup with New Orleans is most important remaining game for Baltimore, I beg to differ.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL season is 16 games long. Every single game is important and vital, especially to a team that is in contention. The Baltimore Ravens are 6-4 and in contention, so this game is an important one.

However, to say that this is their most important game remaining is just silly. They are currently in a battle for the division title and for a wild card berth. They have three matchups that will be huge in those aspects.

Over the next two weeks, they will face the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins, respectively. Both those teams currently hold a record of 6-4, and both of them are fighting with the Ravens to grab a wild card in the AFC.

In Week 17, the Ravens will host the Cleveland Browns, which are also 6-4, and not only are they fighting for a wild card spot, but they are fighting for the AFC North division crown.

Which game do you think is more important: The games against teams that you are battling for a playoff spot with or a game against a team that isn't even in the same conference as you?

Here is the point I'm trying to make. Is this a big game for the Baltimore Ravens? Yes. Is it a must-win? Far from it.

If the Ravens lose this game, there is no need to panic in Baltimore. All that happens is the record drops to 6-5 and although fans would not prefer that, they would not lose any tiebreakers to any teams in the AFC.

I've always been known as Mr. Optimistic, so if you're ever down and feeling not so great about the Ravens chances, just read one of my articles.