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Join Baltimore Beatdown's FanDuel league this week

Baltimore Beatdown will host a FanDuel league this week. $5 to enter with a chance at winning $50.

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Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Baltimore Beatdown will host a FanDuel league for those interested to join.

The cost is $5 with the chance to win a first-place prize of $50. Only 55 entries will be taken so it will be a first-come, first-serve opportunity. As you guys have noticed, SB Nation and FanDuel have partnered up this year, which is a good reason for us — as well as other NFL blogs in the SB Nation family — to host leagues.

Whoever wins the league will not only get $50 but bragging rights. I fully expect and hope for the winner to talk a lot of smack on this site when he or she wins.

HERE'S THE LINK to create a lineup and join. I imagine plenty of you are already using FanDuel, but for those that haven't yet, it's a pretty simple process.

I look forward to seeing plenty of entries this week. Best of luck to everyone that participates!