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Joe Flacco's third child due in January

The veteran quarterback would have his third child during a possible postseason run.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco will be adding another member to his family during the new year. Flacco, via the team's official website, announced that his third child will be born in January, which might be in the middle of a potential postseason run. Flacco hasn't missed too much football due to childbirth, as he missed one day in minicamp during the birth of his first son and was able to play in Week 2 of the 2013 season while his second son was born an hour before kickoff.

Flacco said that he would like to have five children, saying that it is a fun experience to have children.

It doesn't come as a surprise considering that Flacco is the oldest child in a family that had six children.

Maybe Flacco will start the next football family, sports have been a common interest in the Flacco family, however Mike Flacco was cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad.

Congratulations to Joe Flacco and his wife Dana on the expected birth of their 3rd child.