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Will Hill, Terrence Brooks must start at safety

Against a high powered passing team, the best coverage safeties must see the field.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Dean Pees needs to stop messing around. Safeties, just like the inside linebackers he plays 100 percent of the time, are not to be rotated. The back end of the Ravens defense still gives up big plays, and as much as Chykie Brown and Dominique Franks had to do with that, a lack of communication did as well. Communication comes with chemistry and chemistry comes with stability.

WIll Hill has proven to be, at the very least, solid. Back in the Week 9 game against the Steelers, he had great coverage on a deep pass intended for Antonio Brown. On tape, his agility and his ability to turn and run flashes off the screen. His versatility was on display last week, as he was largely responsible for defending the tight ends and was used close to the line of scrimmage. He showed off his man to man coverage knocking a pass away on third and eleven.

Will Hill is the best bet to try to slow down Jimmy Graham.

Terrence Brooks should be his counterpart. The Cincinnati blunder should be excused, when sized up against the overall play of Darian Stewart and Matt Elam. Last week, Brooks accomplished something not seen since prime Ed Reed was roaming the secondary. He knocked out a receiver. Literally. That is more than what Elam and Stewart have done the entire year.

Brooks should get the start not only based on the match up but also based on his performance. It's simply been better than his counterparts.

In this day and age, a team is better off with two free safeties than two strong safeties.

And yet, I will not be surprised as Darian Stewart, lined up as the single-high safety in a cover 3, is roasted for 80 yards on the first play from scrimmage.