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The NFL is giving London bad games

The NFL wants the Brits to like their product. You wouldn't guess it from what they send over there.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has mishandled the games that get sent overseas. Instead of sending over quality teams, like they should, they send over low-quality teams, or if they do send over a good team, they still send a bad one over,which creates a blowout.

Just look at the games:

2007: (1-15) Miami Dolphins vs. (10-6) New York Giants. Giants 13-10

2008: (8-8) San Diego Chargers vs. (8-8) New Orleans Saints. Saints 37-32

2009: (3-13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. (10-6) New England Patriots. Patriots 35-7

2010; (6-10) San Francisco 49ers vs. (4-12) Denver Broncos. 49ers 24-16

2011: (4-12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. (8-8) Chicago Bears. Bears 24-18

2012: (7-8-1) St. Louis Rams vs. (12-4) New England Patriots. Patriots 45-7

2013: (5-10-1) Minnesota Vikings vs. (8-8) Pittsburgh Steelers. Vikings 34-27

2013: (4-12) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. (12-4) San Francisco 49ers. 49ers 42-10

2014: (0-9) Oakland Raiders vs. (6-4) Miami Dolphins. Dolphins 38-14

2014: (3-6) Atlanta Falcons vs. (7-2) Detroit Lions). Lions 22-21

2014: (1-9) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. (7-3) Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys 31-17

All of those matchups were either between teams that finished .500 or worse or games where a bottom rung team got blown out.

Next year has the Lions and Chiefs, the Dolphins and Jets, and the Bills and Jaguars. Chiefs and Lions looks like a good match-up right now, but there's no indication that they'll still be as good in 2015.

The Dolphins and Jets game doesn't look good right now. The Dolphins are fine, but the Jets are a two-win team, and there's no reason to believe that they'll be some worst-to-first team in 2015.

The Bills and Jaguars matchup is also bad. The Bills look like they'll miss the playoffs again and the Jags are still in rebuilding mode.

Why doesn't the league send over marquee match-ups to England if they want the Brits to buy in? You don't think that Packers-Bears, Ravens-Steelers, Seahawks-49ers, Colts-Patriots, Broncos-Patriots, Broncos-Chargers, or an NFC East matchup would be more interesting than watching two irrelevant, bottom-feeding franchises fumble and bumble overseas?

At the very least stop sending the Jaguars over there.