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Ravens can handle the weaker NFL teams

The Ravens have proven capable of handling the softer teams on the schedule, something their rivals have struggled in.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have been able to dominate the lesser teams. They soundly beat the Buccaneers, Falcons, Panthers and Titans, all of which were games they were expected to win.

The Browns, Steelers, and Bengals have had no such luck.

The Steelers blew a six-point lead, at home, with less than a minute to go against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers would be looking at 0-16 if not for the Steelers. The Steelers also lost 20-13 to the Jets. Jets fans were wondering if Ben Roethlisberger would throw for eight touchdowns and if everyone would get fired after the game.

The Bengals couldn't stop the feeble Panthers' offense and tied them at home. They couldn't take care of the Jaguars until the fourth quarter, also at home, and most recently they lost to the Browns at home in an ineptitude-filled game.

The Browns make up the Jacksonville Jaguars' lone win of the season and they also struggled to put away the Tampa Bay Buccaneers until the 4th quarter.

The Ravens have an edge against lesser teams that their opponents don't, which could be helpful along the final stretch.