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Week 11 NFL rooting guide

With the Ravens on a bye, here are the teams to root for this week.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins or Buffalo Bills

Thursday's game will be a blow to either of their playoff hopes. Root against whichever team you feel is more of a wild-card threat.

Oakland Raiders

The San Diego Chargers fighting for a wild-card spot. A loss to the Raiders would set them back.

Tennesee Titans

Here's a nice statistic: Mike Tomlin's Steelers are 1-8 vs. teams that are .200 or below. They are also 3-3 vs. the Titans. A loss here would put a damper on their hopes, and it would be pretty funny to have them lose to two bottom-feeders after winning big for two weeks. Warning: We might drown in Steeler fan tears if this happened.

Houston Texans

A loss to the Texans would put a stop to the Browns momentum and send them back in the AFC North.

New Orleans Saints

A loss would send the Bengals to the bottom of the AFC North, which would be a big help to the Ravens.