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Baltimore Beatdown Power Rankings, Week 10: Forsett keeps Ravens in the Top 15, Steelers stumble

The NFL [Knowledge is] Power Rankings Week 10 edition.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Let's have a moment of silence for Carson Palmer before we begin. These players were also injured this weekend. Keep them and their families in your minds if, or when, you pray.

My heart's a mess right now. If you read last week's entry, I had stated, "Carson Palmer is back," and almost feel as though I jinxed him.

Here are your Knowledge is Power Rankings for this week:



2 – BRONCOS (7-2) EVEN

All five of Peyton Manning's touchdown passes were for 10 yards or more.  Denver's defense limited running backs Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew to a total of 24 yards off 10 carries.


They own the best record in the NFL -- all they need to do is show the world that Drew Stanton can get the job done. Let's hope for the best and by that I mean their defense plays perfect week in and week out.

4 – LIONS (7-2) EVEN

Megatron's return is essential to the team's success and will prevent them from moving towards a wayward fate.

5 – EAGLES (7-2) +6

Their aggressive style of play is improving each week. Their defense tackling ball carriers well and wrapping up with conviction. On offense, Mark Sanchez' confidence and fresh boost of energy … is infectious.

6 – PACKERS (6-3) +1

in other news... Aaron Rodgers tossed six touchdowns against the Bears. #catchingfire

7 – COLTS (6-3) -1


8 – COWBOYS (7-3) +2

Was that necessary for Dallas to start Tony Romo against the Jags?! #RiskingReAggravatingInjury

9 – SEAHAWKS (6-3) +3

The Seahawks are in the race to make the playoffs. For now, that's all that matters.

10 – CHIEFS (5-3) -1

Down 13-3, the Chiefs never panicked and rallied behind leader Alex Smith. Together they conquered.

11 – 49ERS (5-4) +8

Give me the strength to withstand the criticism(s). It wasn't pretty but hey, San Francisco took care of business.

12 – BROWNS (6-3) +4

Cleveland dawg-pounded the Bengals on Thursday night, flattened them into pancakes and served them … with a bucket of maple syrup.

13 – DOLPHINS (5-4) EVEN

Miami almost took down the mighty Lions on Sunday. Almost. The Dolphins were winning the ballgame before Matt Stafford threw the game-winning score with 2:44 on the clock. ... Way to hang tough against one of the league’s better-than-average squads.

14 – CHARGERS (5-4) EVEN


15 – RAVENS (6-4) EVEN

Forgive me – I predicted that the Titans would surprise the Ravens and win. Neither happened. Baltimore’s defense didn’t show up in the first quarter in their matchup last Sunday. Let’s play with some more consistency, shall we?

16 – STEELERS (6-4) -11

These impoST-EEL-ERS need to stop trolling the universe. Who else saw flashes of Michael Vick in a maroon Virginia Tech jersey? The Steelers are the only team to max out on an unlimited gas card. They were on a roll before the Jets … put on their jets.

17 – BILLS (5-4) EVEN

Told you that they wouldn’t beat the Chiefs. But then I wrote that the Eagles would slip against the Panthers. #credibilityissues

18 – SAINTS (4-5) EVEN

Mark Ingram should share his swagger with the defense; they could use some.

19 – BENGALS (5-3) -11

Cincinnati Penguins sliding on its’ stomachs down icy slopes.

20 – TEXANS (4-5) EVEN


21 – BEARS (3-6) EVEN

Your wish is not my command. Jay Cutler is in hot coffee.

22 – RAMS (3-6) +2

I know they lost, but the game was pretty competitive until the fourth quarter against the team holding the league’s best record, the Cardinals.

23 - PANTHERS (3-6-1) -1

Again, I repeat, these cats are hopeless. Luke Kuechly can’t do … it all. Cam Newton tossed too many picks.

24 – VIKINGS (4-5) -1


25 – GIANTS (3-6) EVEN

This isn’t me talking: Richard Sherman solidified my statement last week. "Odell Beckham is the only Giants receiver who can catch the ball. Period."

26 – REDSKINS (3-6) EVEN


27 – FALCONS (3-6) EVEN

The Bucs kindly reminded the Falcons that their offense isn’t Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad...

28 – JETS (2-8) +1

Michael Vick’s in his prime again. At least for one game.

29 – TITANS (2-8) -1

Zach Mettenberger let me down. He played like a rookie, and not a good one at that.


Triple sigh.

31 – JAGUARS (1-9) EVEN

If the Jags punch a postseason ticket I will bungee jump off the Empire State Building while eating a hot-dog AND taking a selfie.

32 – RAIDERS (0-9) EVEN

Still…#DyingToKnow when they’ll win their first game.