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NFL picks Week 6: Predicting this week's games

Jason Butt and Daniel Park take a crack at predicting who wins this week's slate of games.

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(Just a reminder, Ravens picks will appear on Sunday.)

Daniel Park: Clearly the time machine was useless. Due to my loyalty with Baltimore, my record for the week was 10-5, unlike JB, whose 11-4 score came with a kiss on the forehead. (That's a Judas-Jesus reference.)

For the year, he leads at 48-28 (63.1 percent).  I'm at 42-34 (55.3 percent).

Everybody wish Butt a happy birthday.

Jason Butt: Thanks Daniel! Normally I get dissed in these intros. I'm fortunate the anniversary of my birth drew a nice comment from Mr. Park.

This week's predictions:

Colts at Texans

Park's take: The past three weeks were blowouts. That trend stops tonight.

Park's pick: Colts 28, Texans 27

Butt's take: The past three weeks were blowouts. That continues tonight.

Butt's pick: Colts 31, Texans 13

Patriots at Bills

Park's take: Again the Bills will carry Jim Schwartz off the field after the game - only this time they'll dump him into the laundry bin in the locker room.

Park's pick: Patriots 41, Bills 13

Butt's take: Fred Jackson has had some sneaky success against the Patriots in the past. Everyone has hopped back on the Tom Brady bandwagon after a great game against the Bengals. Not me. Not yet.

Butt's pick: Bills 21, Patriots 20

Panthers at Bengals

Park's take: If the Panthers, without a running game, beat the Bengals, I promise to pick one dare off the comments section and upload a video of me taking on the challenge.

Park's pick: Bengals 24, Panthers 17.

Butt's take: The Bengals could be without A.J. Green this week, putting more pressure on Gio Bernard and the running game. With the Panthers turning to more of a no-huddle, which suits Cam Newton much better, Carolina gets a win. And Park will be doing a dare.

Butt's pick: Panthers 24, Bengals 21

Steelers at Browns

Park's take: The Browns' comeback last Sunday was pulled off against the best team in the NFL, the Tennessee Titans. That's my 2015 April Fool's joke. While I believe that Cleveland's offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan deserves a raise for his accomplishments, I don't see Ben Roethlisberger — who handsomely has an 18-1 record against the Browns — losing this week.

Park's pick: Steelers 28, Browns 20

Butt's take: I'll wait until April to tell my April Fool's joke. But we agree on this one. The Steelers sweep the Browns with another close win.

Butt's pick: Steelers 30, Browns 28

Packers at Dolphins

Park's take: Ryan Tannehill vs. Aaron Rodgers.

Park's pick: Packers 31, Dolphins 21

Butt's take: While quarterback play is certainly important, the Dolphins have shown improvements running the ball as the season has progressed. This game is closer than folks think.

Butt's pick: Packers 28, Dolphins 24

Lions at Vikings

Park's take: No, I can't really imagine Teddy Bridgewater successfully picking apart the Lions' top-ranked defense. Therefore I will take a rain check for the TB Experience, which starts up again Week 8 in Tampa Bay.

Park's pick: Lions 33, Vikings 21

Butt's take: Teddy Bridgewater gives the Vikings a much better chance to win. With Calvin Johnson potentially not playing, it makes things tougher for the Lions, too. Dare I go with the upset? Sure, why not.

Butt's pick: Vikings 24, Lions 21

Broncos at Jets

Park's take: Hey JB, make this interesting and take the Jets.

Park's pick: Broncos 31, Jets 19

Butt's take: Sorry, I can't do that with this one.

Butt's pick: Broncos 45, Jets 10

Jaguars at Titans

Park's take: Pretty-boy Brian Hoyer jack-hammered the Titans' dreams of getting popsicles and pizza after the game last Sunday. ... and I don't think they've recovered yet.

Park's pick: Jaguars 31, Titans 24

Butt's take: I don't care who is playing the Jaguars. They are the Jaguars.

Butt's pick: Titans 27, Jaguars 17

Chargers at Raiders

Park's take: Jason, take my advice and take the Raiders.

Park's pick: Chargers 38, Raiders 31

Butt's take: No.

Butt's pick: Chargers 34, Raiders 13

Redskins at Cardinals

Park's take: I've quarterbacked for five flag football championship-winning teams. Maybe the Cardinals could use another arm. Oh, have you heard? "Redskins Implosion" is coming to a theater near you.

Park's pick: Cardinals 23, Redskins 21

Butt's take: Washington's offense has potential and should improve over the next couple of years with Jay Gruden at the helm. About the defense, though...

Butt's pick: Cardinals 27, Redskins 20

Bears at Falcons

Park's take: This one's tricky. I like the Bears to rebound, and apply what they've learned from their tragic ending last week at Carolina.

Park's pick: Bears 30, Falcons 28

Butt's takeJay Cutler has been abysmal in the fourth quarter in the last two weeks. It's made people forget about Chicago's late comeback against the 49ers earlier this year. The Falcons are a much, much better team at home. Maybe it's that whole Samuel L. Jackson thing that gets them fired up.

Butt's pick: Falcons 31, Bears 27

Cowboys at Seahawks

Park's take: Only because the Seahawks have 12 players on defense. #unfair

Park's pick: Seahawks 35, Cowboys 21

Butt's take: Dallas will put up a fight. But the Seahawks close this one out late.

Butt's pick: Seahawks 27, Cowboys 24

Giants at Eagles

Park's take: This is a statement game for both squads: either rise up or stay put.

Park's pick: Eagles 28, Giants 27

Butt's take: At what point will LeSean McCoy show up for the game? At some point, Chip Kelly may have to turn to Darren Sproles to be the first back up. Defense and special teams have bailed the offense out of late. Not this week against a surging Giants squad.

Butt's pick: Giants 31, Eagles 28

49ers at Rams

Park's take: Enough with the negative rumors. There is no fishiness going on in the 49ers' locker room. Mind your own dandy business.

Park's pick: 49ers 24, Rams 21

Butt's take: Even if Jim Harbaugh is despised in his locker room as a person, he's one hell of a coach. They'll be ready to play this week, like they are every week.

Butt's pick: 49ers 28, Rams 14