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C.J. Mosley is just what the Ravens need

Mosley has been a rookie looking to get the Ravens back on track defensively.

Patrick Smith

With a little over a quarter finished in the regular season, chatter can start to be made about teams, coaches, and players.

And who else better to start than first round selection out of Alabama, C.J. Mosley. This rookie has already attributed to a strong and powerful defense. This defense is ranked No. 1 in the red zone and is only did its part in containing Andrew Luck last Sunday. Mosley has been more than just a plug-and-play guy. He is instead the second best inside linebacker in the NFL, only behind previous Defensive Rookie of the Year, and last years Defensive Player of the Year, Luke Kuechly.

Mosley has attributed to 340 snaps, more than any other ILB, and has been extremely effective against the run. He is not just a linebacker, but a dominant talent and quickly proving a key component to the Ravens success.

Even Ray Lewis, in an interview with this site, said, "[Mosley's] finding the football. If you want to play linebacker a long time in this game, no matter if you're in year one, year 10, or year 12, find the football. And he's finding the football. When I watch him, that's the thing I'm always excited about."

While I agree to not pressure a budding star with big comparisons, it is very difficult not to when watching the impact the rookie has shown. With the play-making ability, smart decision making, and powerful body, Mosley will become a fine tuned football machine. Expect to see more No. 57 jerseys worn around M&T Bank Stadium in the coming years, if not months.