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Ray Lewis 'excited' about C.J. Mosley's play through five games

In the second part of an interview with Baltimore Beatdown, former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis discusses C.J. Mosley, Ray Rice and gives his thoughts on Sunday's game against the Buccaneers.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Two years removed from the NFL, Ray Lewis has still maintained close ties to the NFL, mainly through his gig as an NFL commentator for ESPN.

Of course, this has allowed him to continue paying attention to the Ravens, the team he spent 17 seasons with and won two Super Bowls for. Through Juvent Sports, a company he's endorsing, Lewis took part in a 10-minute interview with Baltimore Beatdown on Wednesday. After spending the first half talking about a product he's promoting, Lewis offered his take on some Ravens-related matters, including linebacker C.J. Mosley's play thus far and if Tampa Bay is a better team than people think.

Baltimore Beatdown: I know you've been definitely watching the Ravens a good bit. How impressed have you been with C.J. Mosley thus far?

Ray Lewis:
I've said this before, and I'll say what a couple of wise men told me -- Marvin Lewis and Jack Del Rio -- very early. Just keep going. There are going to be people that say good things, there are going to be people that say bad things. What I like about the boy is he's making the game simple. He's finding the football. If you want to play linebacker a long time in this game, no matter if you're in year one, year 10, or year 12, find the football. And he's finding the football. When I watch him, that's the thing I'm always excited about. Finding the football comes from study, but then more importantly, finding the football comes from effort. When you watch him, you can appreciate and definitely tell he's a rookie by his effort. He's really flying to the football the way most rookies should be doing.

BB: You got to play under Dean Pees, what do you think of the job he's been able to do with the injuries in the back end and yet they're still in the top five in the NFL in scoring defense?

RL: Listen, he's one of those brains, man, it's very hard (for offenses) to understand. He's a very wise man. He understands not just throwing up schemes, he understands his personnel. He understands every aspect of the game, from every level. If you ever step out and talk to him, one of the reasons a bunch of guys, including myself, loved playing for him was because of the man that he is. He will never belittle you. He will never undercut you. He will never make you feel less than a man. When you have coaches like that, even if the schemes don't work, you will make them work, just to play for someone like him. Dean is one of those coordinators that I was blessed to have.

BB: On-air with ESPN you mentioned that you were hoping to meet with Ray Rice. Just following up, were you able to, and if so, how is he doing and what have you told him?

RL: I'm not ignorant to the issues and everything going on right now. I'm not at all. But it wouldn't do me or you any justice, right, because my mind isn't in that place right now. He's a friend of mine. I pray for all of them every night. It'll take its course and it will figure it out.

BB: What are your thoughts on the Ravens-Buccaneers game this Sunday?

RL: It's going to be a tough game. Baltimore has the ability to win on the road. Tampa is surprising more people because people were saying they're the worst team. But they have enough pieces to be in any game. That's the beauty of the NFL and sports. Every Sunday is a new Sunday so you never know what you'll get. But I think it will be a real good game.

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