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Ravens will be 'resilient' following Sunday's loss to the Colts

Former NFL running back Marshall Faulk asked the SB Nation sites to describe their NFL team in one word. It was a pretty easy choice for the Ravens.

Michael Hickey

Here's this week's GMC Playbook question from Marshall Faulk:

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It was an easy word to think of, honestly. It's a word the Ravens themselves use to describe themselves. It's a part of the franchise's DNA. When it comes to football, the Ravens have long been a team with a target on their back. They've been a team, at least under John Harbaugh's watch, that has overcome some bad losses. This organization and coaching staff has a resiliency about itself that won't let one bad game turn into a spiral that gets out of control.

Before Sunday's loss to the Colts, the Ravens were riding a three-game winning streak with everything trending in their favor. Then Sunday's setback happened. But it's not a game that will define this season. I fully expect the Ravens to be resilient after this loss and show up ready to play at a high level against Tampa Bay this Sunday.

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