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Ravens got away from fundamentals in Sunday's loss

The Ravens ran the ball a season low 15 times against the Colts.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens run the ball. It's what they do, and they've done it well, seeing as they're seventh in the league and well on pace to surpass the totals in rushing yards and touchdowns from 2013.

The Ravens forgot that on Sunday, as they had a season-low 15 attempts vs. 38 passing attempts, despite the fact that the Ravens were trailing by only field goals for most of the game.

Unless every run is going for 20 yards, the Ravens should never limit themselves to 15 carries in a game.

And it's not like the running backs weren't successful rushing either. Bernard Pierce gained 30 yards on four attempts, good for 7.5 yards per carry and Justin Forsett ran for 42 yards and one touchdown off of six carries (seven yards per carry). Now would the Ravens have finished with seven yards per carry if the ran it the 25-30 times they have for most of the season? No, but they likely would've done better on offense.

Against a Buccaneers team that has allowed 601 rushing yards in five games, or 120.2 yards per game, four games where their opponents have 100 yards rushing, three where their opponents have ran for a touchdown, and two where their opponents have scored more than one rushing touchdown, it's safe to say the Ravens will get back to their fundamentals and run way more than 15 times.