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Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees has earned his pay to start 2014 season

He's not perfect, but his defense is getting the job done.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know if Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, Gary Kubiak and Dean Pees read too many Ravens blogs.

But if Pees did he'd know he's not exactly a fan favorite and that his defenses have garnered some criticism.

And some of that criticism is fair. The Ravens' defense has struggled against the screen, hasn't gotten as many sacks or turnovers as we're accustomed to seeing, struggles against long plays and allows conversions on third-and-long. I also get that we'd like to see more creative blitzes, more of Terrence Brooks, less of Darian Stewart, Matt Elam in his natural spot, and Jimmy Smith in press coverage.

But Pees' group has been among the best in red zone defense and are currently No. 1 in that category in the NFL. Pees' defense has only allowed six touchdowns this whole season, or 1.2 per game. The Ravens have allowed the Bengals, Steelers, and Colts, three teams with high-powered offenses, top-tier quarterbacks, and talented receiving corps, to score only three touchdowns. That's amazing. The most points the Ravens have given up in a game is 23. The Seahawks have given up 30 (against the Chargers). The Niners gave up 28 (against the Bears). The Bengals gave up 43 (against the Patriots). The Cardinals gave up 41 (against the Broncos). The Rams gave up 34 (against the Eagles). And the Jets gave up 31 (against the Chargers). So clearly Pees is doing pretty well as a defensive coordinator, considering that his defense gave up less points than these highly praised units.

Sure, bend-but-don't-break isn't the style of defense that we're accustomed to seeing. But the defense isn't giving up points and I can like a coordinator who can craft any kind of stingy defense.