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Jacoby Jones is a liability for the Ravens at the moment

The veteran receiver has been detrimental to the team during the first five games of the season.

Joe Robbins

Jacoby Jones, at this moment, is of no use to the Baltimore Ravens.

He is No. 2 in the league with dropped passes and today he fumbled a punt at the 35 and was lucky as heck that Haloti Ngata intercepted Andrew Luck.

The Ravens have to be getting tired of it. Sure, they won't say it to the press, but looking at their actions, they've said plenty.

First he was bumped down to No. 4 receiver due to his issues.

Now the Ravens had Lardarius Webb, the guy who ranks No. 2 on the list of people Ravens Fans Don't Want To Handle Punts due to a fear of getting re-injured, handling punts, while Jones handled kickoffs, which meant that he spent a large amount of time watching touchbacks fly through the end zone.

I see no reason why Jones is above Kamar Aiken, Michael Campanaro, or even Deonte Thompson on the practice squad. Sure, the Ravens would lose money if they cut Jones right now. But they'd lose nothing if they bumped him down on the depth chart or even be inactive for a couple weeks in favor of Campanaro.

Football teams try to field the best 46 men they have on game day. Right now, Jones isn't one of them.