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After wild first half in Indianapolis, Colts lead 6-3

The score does lie.

Joe Robbins

The score does lie. Both head coaches lost challenges. Both offenses are stagnant and flourishing.

The Colts’ defense has sacked Joe Flacco three times, matching his sack total for the year. The Ravens’ defense constricted the NFL’s most productive offense to 167 total yards and stopped them from scoring on three red zone trips.

What to expect in the 2nd half:

  1. Mistake-free execution on offense: The Ravens have only 22 plays (13 passes, 9 rushes) on offense. The lopsided time of possession battle, 19:59 Colts to 10:01 Ravens, must change in the second half.  Better play-calling please. The game should be tied had Coach Harbs took the field goal earlier.

  2. Run, run and run: The Ravens should unleash Lorenzo Taliaferro and Justin Forsett in the second half. Fortunately Baltimore is only down by three -- they should spend their next two quarters wisely

  3. Protect Flacco: Protect Flacco. No more sacks. Impose our will in the trenches.

Let's play Ravens football!