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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens-Colts predictions

Baltimore Beatdown's writers weigh in on this week's Ravens-Colts game.

Patrick Smith

Matthew Stevens

Andrew Luck is the one thing holding that team together offensively and the Ravens have been one of the better defenses in the league by frustrating quarterbacks and keeping teams out of the endzone. Look for that to continue with the Colts having no one to run the ball and things tightening up as the game goes on.

Offensively, the Ravens will allow the Colts to dictate what they do in the passing game. If they focus on Steve Smith, expect a big day for the rest of the receivers and Owen Daniels especially. If they try and play a base defense, expect Smith to have another 100 yard day and bust a few guys in the mouth. Meanwhile, the Ravens will force the ball down their throats consistently in order to slow down the game and keep the ball in the Ravens' hands.

Prediction: Ravens 27, Colts 17

Brian Malan

Flacco and the running game have a balanced attack while Luck is forced into 40+ throws to keep his team alive throughout the game as Kubiak and the offense control the clock. Luck get his yards, but they come up short early in the game in the redzone while Baltimore is able to capitalize in short distance. Baltimore punches two in early with Forsett and Taliaferro, and Flacco hits Torrey on a deep TD and Owen Daniels on another in the redzone. Jimmy Smith adds a pick 6. The defense plays a bend but don't break style early in the game, getting after Luck and forcing more Indy into punting more than we do. A late 4th quarter push by Luck and Indy pads the stat sheet, but doesn't give them the victory.

Prediction: Ravens 35, Colts 30

Kyle Barber

Andrew Luck continues to shine with the passing game, and Baltimore doesn't get the pressure to save the Raven secondary. The Ravens offense continues to show great balance in the running and passing attack. The defense just can't lock down the victory.

Prediction: Colts 31, Ravens 27

Jason Butt

The Ravens' front seven has been great to start the season. And the defense was able to keep Ben Roethlisberger and Andy Dalton from doing too much damage. But Andrew Luck has been the NFL's best quarterback to start the season and he gets the home crowd around him. It'll be a close game down to the wire, with the home team getting a three-point advantage.

Prediction: Colts 34, Ravens 31

Daniel Park

Both teams are in for a real treat. Baltimore has fought an uphill battle since the beginning, while the Colts have bullied their division rivals in their last two wins. Harbaugh will seek to set a resounding tone early, giving the team's future opponents a heads up that he means business on their long road trip. The Ravens bring the gritty raw to Indianapolis, knock them off their high horse and grind out the W.

Prediction: Ravens 30, Colts 23