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Checking up on my preseason predictions at the halfway mark

How are my predictions faring midway through the 2014 season?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

I made predictions on how every NFL teams' season would go during the preseason. I didn't use any advanced metrics. I even claimed that your guesses were as good as mine during the end of each one. I expected to be wrong frequently. I was very, very wrong on some of my predictions.

My fifth-ranked Saints are currently 3-4 and forgot everything they learned about defense. The Panthers team I had in the middle of the pack at 19 is barely above them at 3-4-1. The Chicago Bears team that I had just out of the playoffs at 13 are 3-5 and not only did they not get better at defense, they forgot how to play offense as well.

My 17th-ranked Jets are 1-7 and might not win another game this year. My 28th-ranked Cowboys are doing much better than I had them projected, as they are 6-2, which includes a victory over my No. 1-ranked Seahawks, which are struggling at 4-3.

However, some of my predictions are correct. The Texans are making a little bit of revival from their disastrous 2013 season. The Oakland Raiders are at the bottom of the league, as I thought. The Giants are mediocre at 3-4. The Eagles are one of the NFL's top teams at 5-2. The Broncos and Patriots are on top of the AFC.

Many of my preseason predictions aren't turning out like I thought. But whose are?