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Coaches on the hot seat

We're at the midway point of the season and it's time to check up on the hot seat.

Al Bello

Mike Smith

It seems like an eternity since the Falcons were 10 yards away from the Super Bowl. Since that failed goal-line drive the Falcons are 6-18. Atlanta has suffered multiple season ending injuries on the offensive line and the defense has been inept.

Lovie Smith

Is it crazy to say that a coach gets fired after one season? Possibly, but the Buccaneers were pegged as a potential wild-card candidate, but instead are 1-6, inept on both ends of the ball. Lovie isn't looking like he knows how to rally his team.

Marc Trestman

I'm pretty sure we all knew that the Bears' defense was going to be at least mediocre this season. However, we also expected that the offense would do it's part to help the defense out a bit. That hasn't happened. The Bears' offense isn't as good as it was in 2013, they're 0-3 at home, and their Special Teams unit is ugly.

Rex Ryan

Geno Smith was just benched for Michael Vick. The best defensive play from the Jets this past Sunday was a tackle made by a converted WR because Sammy Watkins started celebrating prematurely. The Jets' offseason acquisitions and Percy Harvin aren't helping the team, and the Jets are on course for 1-15. At this point it's hard to see Rex making it back to 8-8.

Jeff Fisher

The Rams defense is terrible, the offensive line is struggling and Fisher has never made it to .500 in St. Louis. Sam Bradford won't be a Ram in 2015 and I don't expect Fisher to be there either.