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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens-Bengals predictions

Here's each individual take on today's game.

Patrick Smith

Brian Malan: Because of injuries to key players, Andy Dalton and the Bengals' offense fail to ever really get a rhythm going. With A.J. Green likely out, Baltimore will stack the box much like Indy did last week and force Dalton to beat them. Joe  Flacco and Gary Kubiak will lead another balanced attack that sees Steve Smith lead the Ravens passing attack and a ground game that churns out 185-plus yards and controls the clock. Prediction: Ravens 27, Bengals 16

Rocky Friedman: In the end, A.J. Green's absence will make all the difference. Andy Dalton will get off to a fast start, but from the middle of the second quarter and on, he will be held stagnant. The Ravens will have a 27-17 lead with under two minutes to go before the Bengals add one one more meaningless touchdown. Prediction: Ravens 27, Bengals 24

Chuck Mills: The Ravens defense will have no troubles defending against a passing attack of Mohamed Sanu, Brandon Tate and Jermaine Gresham,allowing them to stack the box against the run. Justin Forsett should have a day against the 31st-ranked run defense which should clear things up for Joe Flacco, now that his receivers can catch. Prediction: Ravens 24, Bengals 7

Michael Sedjro: An old fashioned slug-fest. Neither offense moves the ball well but the Ravens run the ball a lot better — 140 yards to 70. It will be a bad day for Andy Dalton as A.J. Green is out and the defense spies Gio Bernard and presses the outside. The pass rush is slowed down but the secondary comes to the forefront. Flacco does not complete 60 percent passing for just over two hundred yards and a touchdown. The Ravens win the game by winning the turnover battle 2-0. Prediction: Ravens 17, Bengals 13

Matthew Stevens: The Ravens run all over the Bengals and are able to get after Andy Dalton with A.J. Green either out of the game or playing well under 100 percent. The Bengals have started their slide instead of ramping up like the Ravens have over the past few weeks and the Ravens show that they are easily the more talented and better coached team. This one starts slow as both teams feel each other out, but once the Ravens figure out the combination, it gets sloppy quickly, much in the same way the Falcons game did. Prediction: Ravens 27, Bengals 13

Daniel Park: The three-headed monster in Baltimore's backfield is one trashy, negative remark away from rushing for 150 yards today to double that amount. If the loose-lipped Bengals don't control themselves in what I envision will be a overtly emotional match, the Ravens — defensively and offensively — have the upper-hand in smash mouth brawls. Slapstick football for those Ravens fans who find humor in opponents getting annihilated on the field. Prediction:
Ravens 30, Bengals 17

Jason Butt: Without A.J. Green, the Ravens' cornerbacks should be able to keep the Bengals' deep passing game in check. Therefore, look for the front seven to keep Gio Bernard from breaking any big plays in the running game. The Bengals haven't been the same team without Green in the lineup and this week is another example why. Prediction: Ravens 24, Bengals 14