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No Ravens games protected by CBS and FOX for flex scheduling

Two more primetime games are already scheduled.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have two primetime games remaining on their schedule, but they’re now poised to potentially receive another thanks to flex scheduling. Aside from the first four games of the season, NBC has the ability to change the kickoff time of any CBS or Fox game and put it in primetime for the network.

Earlier this week, both CBS and Fox submitted their list of protected games, none of which feature the Ravens.

Next week, the Ravens travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers in a scheduled NBC Sunday Night Football game, and it’s highly unlikely the network will give up that game given the national appeal of the Steelers, the rivalry and combined records of the two teams.

If the Ravens are to receive an additional nationally televised game, the most likely candidate will be on November 30th when the Chargers come to Baltimore. Besides the Monday Night Football game against the Saints (not flex eligible), the Ravens remaining schedule lacks national appeal due to the teams and their records (Titans, Dolphins, Jaguars, Texans).

If flexed, NBC would have to relinquish their scheduled broadcast of the Denver Broncos at the Kansas City Chiefs. Given the Broncos national appeal with the love-fest surrounding Peyton Manning, it would be hard to imagine anyone actually pulling the plug on an opportunity to showcase Manning and the high-powered Broncos offense.

The Ravens’ regular season finale versus the Cleveland Browns isn’t eligible given that NBC doesn’t broadcast a Sunday Night Football game during Week 17.

Here’s the list of the remaining protected games by each network:

League Week

CBS Protected Game

Fox Protected Game

Week 11

No Games Protected

Eagles @ Packers

Week 12

Dolphins @ Broncos

No Games Protected

Week 13

Patriots @ Packers

Saints @ Steelers

Week 14

Steelers @ Bengals

Seahawks @ Eagles

Week 15

Broncos @ Chargers

49ers @ Seahawks

Week 16

Colts @ Cowboys

Lions @ Bears

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