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Do the Ravens need to make any major adjustments?

In this week's GMC Playbook question, former NFL running back Marshall Faulk wants to know if any major adjustments need to be made.

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This week's GMC Playbook question from former NFL running back Marshall Faulk:

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In their five wins, the Ravens have been stellar on both sides of the ball. And in the two losses, the defense did an exceptional job forcing field goals when the Bengals and Colts threatened in and around the red zone. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees has done a fine job of disguising calls and mixing in different personnel groupings.

For the first time under John Harbaugh, the Ravens offense has established itself as a consistent threat with a lot of balance. Flacco is on pace for what be a career-best 4,238 yards. Running back Justin Forsett is on pace for 1,150 rushing yards and is averaging 5.8 yards per carry. There are a lot of options offensively and Gary Kubiak's group has done a great job getting multiple playmakers involved.

If there was an adjustment to make, it was two weeks ago. And all that entailed was ensuring Torrey Smith stepped his level of play up. Over the past two weeks in wins over the Buccaneers and Falcons, Smith caught seven passes for 132 yards and three touchdowns.

It may sound like I'm avoiding Faulk's question but if the formula is working, there's no real need to make adjustments. If the Ravens continue to execute each game plan as it has so far, they'll be just fine.

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