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Ravens odds to win the Super Bowl have improved

Bovada's odds for the Ravens to win this season's NFL title began at 40/1. That has since shortened.

Mitchell Layton

For the faithful Ravens fans out there that enjoy gambling, I sure hope you snagged a (legal) bet on your team when they were getting 40/1 odds to win the Super Bowl during the preseason.

With the Ravens at 5-2, the attitude in Las Vegas has changed. The Ravens have become contenders in the eyes of the bookies, as a top 10 favorite.

According to Bovada, the Ravens' odds to win the Super Bowl are now at 18/1, which ranks 10th. They were actually at 25/1 last week before the Ravens drubbed the Falcons 29-7. If the winning continues, you can bet the odds will continue to get shorter. In addition, the Ravens are getting 10/1 odds to win the AFC, which is fifth best in the conference.

As of now, the Ravens are the favorites to win the AFC North at 5/7.

Oh, and one more: Remember when Bovada gave Joe Flacco 100/1 odds at winning the regular season MVP? That's also changed, with Flacco getting 25/1 now.

During a given season, Las Vegas is often a good indicator at where a team projects. This year's Ravens team is beginning to get some respect from the oddsmakers after being brushed off before the 2014 season started.