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Bold prediction: Baltimore Ravens will win out

The 5-2 Ravens have the potential and will win the rest of their games.

Mitchell Layton

The 5-2 Ravens will win the rest of their nine remaining games.

Ravens schedule

Gary Kubiak's offense has established its foundation and solidified its identity to overcome their divisional rivals in back-to-back weeks on the road. The Bengals have warped into panic mode and are desperate for a win -- which I don't believe they will in the comforts of their own home. The Steelers have the Colts Week 8, which should provide Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees plenty of vital footage to review in preparation.

The Titans visit Baltimore and there's no doubt that the Ravens will run over their currently 22nd-ranked defense. New Orleans' two wins are at home -- don't be frightened -- the Vikings and Buccaneers having no fighting chance anywhere they play.

With the Chargers' confidence levels sway up and down these next four weeks (they play the Broncos, Dolphins, Raiders and Rams), flying to Baltimore and hopping off the plane will be the easiest part of their trip. Departing the city with a win won't be such an easy task.

I see the Dolphins being 5-7 or 4-8 by Week 13. Their schedule gives them no breaks. If we lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, I'll perform a dare. Comment your ideas.

The Texans and the Browns seem like legitimate contenders near the tail end of the regular season, but I've been fried in my Power Rankings for listing Houston too high -- so I guess I've nothing to worry about with this proclamation.

The Ravens foot the bill, thanks to the glorious weather ahead too, for nine straight wins.