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There was nothing wrong with Ravens' final touchdown against the Falcons

Falcons cornerback was unhappy with the Ravens' final touchdown on Sunday. His defense should have stopped them instead.

Mitchell Layton

After Sunday's game, Falcons CB Josh Wilson was unhappy that the Ravens opted to pass on fourth-and-9, which resulted in Torrey Smith catching a 39-yard touchdown pass even to the point where he was yelling at Coach Harbaugh on the sideline afterwards.

Following the game, Wilson, a former Ravens corner, continued to voice his displeasure.

It wasn't unfair. The Falcons had scored a touchdown on the previous drive, and while they would need a pair of touchdowns and a two-point conversion to tie the game, it's not like it was the 31-point victory the Ravens had at Tampa.

Also, it's pro football and they're pro football players. Their jobs are to, 1) win games, which is done by scoring points, and 2) make fans happy, which is done by winning games and scoring points.

Also there's no rule in the NFL that forbids what took place. This isn't rec-league football where you don't run up the score because you don't want to hurt the other kids feelings. It's the NFL and the onus is on the defense to hold, something that Wilson's Falcons failed to do.

At least Torrey Smith didn't push off of him when scoring the final touchdown.