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Ravens are playing great football at the moment

The Ravens have proved they're among the best teams in the NFL.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are flying high. The passing game is efficient, the run game is going well, the defense is dominating and the special teams unit is executing the majority of its plays. I'm confident that Kelechi Osemele is capable of playing next week and maybe even Eugene Monroe. That only offers more stability to an offensive line that has done fine in their absence.

The Ravens have gotten into the flow of Gary Kubiak's offense, placing plenty of pressure on opponents in each of the five wins. The pass rush has become fearsome and the secondary is beginning to play better. Inside linebacker C.J. Mosley is playing at a level that not only makes him the best defensive rookie in the NFL, but one of the best defenders overall.

The Ravens are first in the AFC North right now and a win against the Bengals would go a long way in the division race. Even if they don't defeat the Bengals, I can't see them not making the playoffs with the way they've played of late.

I'm confident that the Ravens can win at Cincinnati, win the division, and win 12 games.