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NFL picks Week 5: Predicting this week's games

Jason Butt and Daniel Park take a crack at predicting who wins this week's slate of games.

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(Just a reminder, Ravens predictions will appear on game days.)

Daniel Park: I purchased a time machine. Sears, I know, found them in the aisle between the washing machines and refrigerators.

Teeth gnashed tying Butt last weekend (5-8), especially after seeing him start the day 1-5. I'm still questioning his sobriety with his Titans and Bears picks. But who am I to talk.

I'm at 32-29, a putrid record, but Butt, 37-24, is not too far ahead. This time machine though, should push me to 46-29 ... because well, I know which 14 teams will triumph.

Jason Butt: Questioning my sobriety? I see you've already dulled out the memory with your substance of choice when it came to your Raiders pick. THE RAIDERS! REALLY?

I digress. Here are this week's picks:

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers

Park's take: The Vikings' loss boosts the Bears' willpower to escape Carolina with a "W'. Expect the ice-cream Panthers defense to stop Matt Forte, said nobody.

Park's pick: Bears 21, Panthers 18

Butt's take: The Panthers are reeling at the moment and their defense looks like a shell of what it was supposed to be. I'm going with the Bears to rebound this week, after they made me look silly a week ago.

Butt's pick: Bears 28, Panthers 17

Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys

Park's take: A must-watch #BackyardBrawl, say that with a country twang. I won't spoil much, but the Cowboys' revamped offense is hard to stop. Both teams are 3-1. ...

Park's pick: Cowboys 30, Texans 24

Butt's take: Are the Cowboys ... actually ... good? They looked the part last week against the Saints, though the Saints have started the year slow. With Tony Romo's back getting healthier, the Cowboys should be able to put up enough points.

Butt's pick: Cowboys 24, Texans 17

Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions

Park's take: The Lions are juggernauts of the NFC North. They started 3-1 last season and couldn't swim to the safe shores of 4-1 against the Packers. Since 2000, Detroit has started 4-1 only once (2011).

Park's pick: Lions 31, Bills 21

Butt's take: The Lions' defense has been a pleasant surprise. The Bills are trotting Kyle Orton out there because they otherwise don't have a capable passer. Have to go with the Lions.

Butt's pick: Lions 27, Bills 17

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars

Park's take: Any given Sunday, right charm_city_charmer? How well do the Steelers suppress their somber emotions after handing the Bucs their first win? Here's a hint! The Jags lead the 32-pack in one category, the most sacks allowed (20) through four games.

Park's pick: Steelers 52, Jags 13

Butt's take: I'm not going to predict a blowout like Park is, simply because Pittsburgh's defense isn't that good right now. Blake Bortles might actually have a three-touchdown game. But this Jaguars defense couldn't stop a nosebleed at the moment.

Butt's pick: Steelers 37, Jaguars 27

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Park's take: Is this a trap game or is this a trap game? My time machine is running low on batteries. ...

Park's pick: Saints 33, Bucs 30 (OT)

Butt's take: The Saints need this game to get back on track. I'm astonished that Park and I are on the same page on every game thus far.

Butt's pick: Saints 34, Bucs 21

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

Park's take: Sears' products come with lifetime warranties for a reason. My time machine's time is up. ... The Falcons underestimate the Giants in the fourth quarter and let an eight-point lead disappear like the ghost standing behind you.

Park's pick: Giants 28, Falcons 21

Butt's take: Yes, the Falcons haven't been good on the road and their defense is horrible. But Matt Ryan and the Falcons' offense get it done, somehow and some way.

Butt's pick: Falcons 35, Giants 34

St. Louis Rams at Philadelphia Eagles

Park's take: I highly respect the Rams' defensive personnel. The Eagles, though, have dumped 71 points on the Rams in their last two meetings (71-16). History doesn't influence my decision here, but her memory is worsening and she does tend to repeat herself.

Park's pick: Eagles 40, Rams 16

Butt's take: The Rams keep this game closer than folks think. But Darren Sproles comes up big for the Eagles in front of the home fans and LeSean McCoy has a standout game.

Butt's pick: Eagles 26, Rams 23

Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans

Park's take: I don't plan on picking the Titans until they play the Jags, at home.

Park's pick: Browns 23, Titans 20

Butt's take: After burning me last week, there's not a chance I can take the Titans. Cleveland's coming off of a bye week and there weren't any Johnny Manziel partying photos. That's a good sign (#sarcasm).

Butt's pick: Browns 27, Titans 21

Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos

Park's take: This game, similar to the Redskins-Giants last Thursday, will amplify the losing team's weaknesses more than the victor's. For that simple reason I'm going with the Cardinals.

Park's pick: Cardinals 31, Broncos 28

Butt's take: It's up in the air now as to whether Carson Palmer plays or not. And if Palmer plays, it's not likely he'll be 100 percent. Have to go with Peyton Manning and the offense at home.

Butt's pick: Broncos 27, Cardinals 24

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

Park's take: The Chargers' running game is nonexistent (31st). The Jets running defense is nonexistent (32nd).

Park's pick: Chargers 42, Jets 10

Butt's take: The Chargers have asserted themselves among the better teams this season. The Jets, on the other hand, are once again in the bottom half. The Jets' secondary could be in for a long day.

Butt's pick: Chargers 34, Jets 17

Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

Park's take: My muffin-top says to go with the Chiefs. But I back my rankings and will go with what was published.

Park's pick: 49ers 27, Chiefs 23

Butt's take: Your muffin-top is actually on to something, Park.

Butt's pick: Chiefs 27, 49ers 26

Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots

Park's take: The well-rested Bengals have sharpened their game plan for Tom Brady and Co. since September 21. Oh, how the tables have turned (scroll down to 2007).

Park's pick: Bengals 28, Patriots 19

Butt's take: Every inkling inside me says not to take the Patriots. Have you seen them play? I have and it's been ugly. Yet every time we have ever doubted New England, something happens. If it doesn't happen this week, I'm done and will expect them to lose each week.

Butt's pick: Patriots 24, Bengals 21

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins

Park's take: #Luffto will not start Kirk Cousins this week. I hope to witness the second round of the Williams-Sherman Slap Boxing battle.

Park's pick: Seahawks 38, Redskins 24

Butt's take: Kirk Cousins won't play the way he did a week ago on Monday night. At least you'd hope. And even if he plays better, I don't know how Washington slows down Seattle offensively.

Butt's pick: Seahawks 34, Redskins 24

Already Completed

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Park's take: I was at Lambeau tonight. All I'll say: Mama Bear watching from the stands goes berserk after Teddy Bridgewater (ankle) is carted off.

Park's pick: Packers 33, Vikings 17

Butt's take: I won't go against Green Bay this week, especially with Teddy Bridgewater on a bad ankle (if he even plays).

Butt's pick: Packers 31, Vikings 20