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Reviewing the Ravens' preseason concerns

During the preseason, fans had plenty of concerns about the 2014 Ravens. Let's see if the Ravens appeased those concerns.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Concern: An offensive line that was practically scratched and adapting to a (technically) new offensive line coach (Juan Castillo) and offensive coordinator (Gary Kubiak) would struggle to gain chemistry during the early parts of the season.

Outcome: The Ravens offensive line has only allowed Joe Flacco to be sacked three times in four games and has paved the way for the Ravens' rushing attack to be seventh in the NFL.

Concern: Kelechi Osemele would struggle in his return from a back injury.

Outcome: Osemele has been rated as one of the top guards in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus and looks like he'll be a Raven for a long time.

Concern: The Ravens offensive players, namely Joe Flacco, would struggle in Kubiak's new offensive scheme and they would have a difficult time early on.

Outcome: Since the fist half of the season opener, the Ravens have scored 103 points and Joe Flacco has thrown for 1,055 yards, seven touchdowns and two Interceptions.

Concern: Bernard Pierce would struggle with health which would hamper the Ravens run game.

Outcome: While Pierce hasn't played the last two games, the Ravens run game has been doing well in his absence as both Justin Forsett and Lorenzo Taliaferro have over 100 rushing yards and two touchdowns. So while Pierce has struggled, he's been picked up by others.

Concern: Virtual rookie Ricky Wagner would struggle as the right tackle and the Ravens would regret not signing a veteran.

Outcome: Wagner has been invisible at right tackle and has been one of the highest graded Ravens on PFF consistently.

Concern: A defensive line that's missing Kapron Lewis-Moore, Brent Urban, and now Timmy Jernigan would struggle vs. the run.

Outcome: The Ravens have allowed only two rushing touchdowns, no 100 yard rushers, just 3.3 yards per carry, and that's against impressive backfields featuring Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill, Le'Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount, Isaiah Crowell and Terrence West. What the defense would be with those three is certainly tantalizing though.

Concern: A secondary that features Chykie Brown, Darian Stewart, Jeromy Miles, Matt Elam, and one that has gone extended periods without Lardarius Webb, would be the biggest weakness on defense.

Outcome: It depends on your viewpoint. The secondary has struggled with yardage and hasn't gotten a single interception. But they've only allowed two touchdowns against some rather high-powered passing attacks.

Concern: Lardarius Webb's health.

Outcome: It's a worthy concern. Webb has only played four snaps and it's unknown when he'll be back to form.

Concern: Terrell Suggs having one sack in the last eight games of 2013.

Outcome: Suggs only has half a sack in 2014, but Suggs has been rated as one of the best pass rushers in 2014.