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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens-Falcons predictions

The writers predict today's game between Baltimore and Atlanta.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Here are this week's Ravens-Falcons predictions:

Matthew Stevens: The Ravens have had trouble all season long stopping the pass and with the Falcons' backs against the wall, they come out swinging for the fences early and often. With the combination of Roddy White, Julio Jones and an awful zone scheme from the Ravens, the Falcons cruise to victory by getting the ball out quickly. Prediction: Falcons 31, Ravens 21

Brian Malan: Gary Kubiak runs the ball all day long and the trio of Justin Forsett, Lorenzo Taliaferro and Bernard Pierce combine for over 230 yards on the ground and two TDs. Joe Flacco adds two more through the air to Torrey Smith and Owen Daniels. Jacoby Jones houses a kickoff 105 yards for a TD. The defense harasses Matt Ryan all day long and the Falcons never get anything going on the ground. The front seven puts up five sacks and Matt Elam gets an interception. Atlanta will get some yards through the air on occasion simply because they are so talented at WR, but fall short in the red zone and forced to kick field goals. Prediction: Ravens 38, Falcons 16

Daniel Park: Joe Flacco and the offense put up 48 points last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which have the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL. Not only do the Falcons have the 31st worst defense, wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. knows exactly how to torch their secondary. Prediction: Ravens 42, Falcons 20

Chuck Mills: Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Williams take turns hitting Matt Ryan all day, while Jimmy Smith handles Julio Jones and Lardarius Webb handles an injured Roddy White. Joe Flacco doesn't repeat his five-touchdown day, but hits Torrey Smith and Steve Smith for scores. All three RBs have a good day, each scoring touchdowns, with Justin Forsett running for 150 yards. Prediction: Ravens 42, Falcons 17

Michael Sedjro: Jimmy Smith announces himself to the world, holding Julio Jones to three receptions and 35 yards. Will Hill plays noticeable snaps. The secondary gets another interception. The defense reaches five sacks, with a defensive back chipping in. Devin Hester returns a punt deep to set up a Falcons touchdown. Joe Flacco tosses for 270 and two TDs, Ravens rush for 180 with Forsett going over 90. Prediction: Ravens 33 Falcons 16.

Rocky Friedman: The Ravens are a complete team. And with Joe Flacco playing as he has this year, they will put up some of the best numbers they ever have. In this particular game, Julio Jones will have a big game but Torrey Smith will outplay him. They will both eclipse 100 receiving yards and both catch one touchdown, but the Ravens come out on top in the end. Prediction: Ravens 28, Falcons 20

Jason Butt: It's tough to imagine the Falcons slowing down this Ravens team with the defense they've fielded this year. Joe Flacco doesn't put up the scores as fast as he did last week but he still flirts with around 300 yards and three touchdowns. The Falcons score some points late to keep it interesting. Prediction: Ravens 27, Falcons 21