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Justin Forsett is quietly one of the NFL's best running backs

Forsett almost quit football during the offseason

Cliff McBride

When Justin Forsett was signed by the Ravens, it was thought he'd primarily be a band-aid with Ray Rice's pending legal situation at the time. Fast forward through six weeks of the NFL season, Forsett is now a Top 5 back in not just the Ravens organization, but the league.


Forsett has Kubiak to thank for the reason he had an opportunity to extend his career; a career he almost gave up this offseason. Now, Kubiak should be thanking Forsett for stepping up when he was needed the most, especially because Bernard Pierce has failed to impress thus far.

Kubiak was asked about Forsett earlier this week

"I've seen from him exactly what he's done as a pro. He's play in a few places, and sometimes guys like these, they don't get many opportunities. But when they get them, they take advantage of them," Kubiak said.

"I think the biggest compliment I can pay Justin and John [Harbaugh] after being there, being around the organization for a while, [is] knowing he was the type of guy John wanted on his team. And I knew what Justin would give to this football team, and that's everything he has - and special teams as well. [I'm] very proud of him. He's fit in very well, and [we are] very happy to have him around. He's doing a great job."

Forsett was brought into the Ravens on a one-year veteran minimum deal ($730,000). I don't believe Forsett was in the Ravens plans even beyond Rice's original return date from his two-game suspension, but they'll now have to think of him in their plans beyond this season.

Regardless if the Ravens end up winning the AFC North, Kubiak has left his impression on this team. Whereas they finished ranked 29th in the NFL in total offense, the Ravens are now eighth. At this point, Kubiak seems to have positioned himself for another head coaching opportunity and if the Ravens don't bring back Forsett, there's no doubt he's currently been doing enough to not even have to contemplating walking away from the game after the season is over.

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