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NFL rooting guide for this week's slate of games

Here are four teams to root on Sunday and Monday in addition to the Baltimore Ravens.

Bob Levey

Indianapolis Colts: The Bengals, as of right now, are ahead of the Ravens because of win percentage. However, a Bengals loss and a Ravens win puts Baltimore on top of the AFC North.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Browns are riding high and looking like competitors. A loss to the Jaguars would serve as a stumbling block for the Browns in the AFC North race.

Houston Texans: The Steelers are currently reeling from a beating by the Browns. A loss to the Texans would knock them below .500 and really get the Steelers in a bind. Also, you should always root for the team that plays Pittsburgh.

Chicago Bears: The Dolphins look like the only other team in the AFC with long-term potential of actually seizing a wild card berth, which would be of importance if Baltimore fails to win the AFC North. (I know Houston is 3-3 but I don't trust Ryan Fitzpatrick.) A loss to the Bears would really put a damper on the Dolphins' playoff hopes.