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Ravens fantasy outlook vs. Falcons

Here's this week's fantasy football outlook for the Ravens.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Start 'em

RB Justin Forsett: Forsett is fifth in the NFL with 408 rushing yards. He's averaging 6.4 yards per carry. Therefore, you're starting him this week against a Falcons' defense that has been unable to stop anyone from doing anything on them.

WR Steve Smith: During his career, Smith has a knack for destroying the Falcons. He'll have yet another chance to go against a team he's very familiar with schematically speaking.

QB Joe Flacco: Flacco threw for five scores last week, making fantasy owners that rolled with him extremely happy. While he's not likely to throw for five more this week, he very well could go for 300 and three scores. Have I mentioned how poor the Falcons are defensively?

K Justin Tucker: His misses this year have come from long, long range — 55 yards (Bengals), 57 (Panthers) and 64 (Buccaneers). Anything inside 50 is practically automatic.

Sit 'em

RB Lorenzo Taliaferro: Bernard Pierce looks to have placed himself back in as the No. 2 back. Therefore, Taliaferro's chances for touches have decreased for the time being.

Use caution

Ravens D/ST: The Ravens have only given up an average of 16.2 points per game, placing them third in the NFL in scoring defense. However, this Falcons team, despite its limitations, can score a ton of points thanks to its high-flying passing attack. Then again, the Ravens held the Colts to 20 points. There is some risk rolling with the Ravens defensive fantasy wise, though the group's ability to limit touchdowns has been apparent.


TE Owen Daniels: Daniels will probably be a sleeper for each remaining week. He's not a go-to target on offense but he's someone with the potential to score. He's an OK bye-week filler with upside.

WR Torrey Smith: After scoring two touchdowns a week ago, Smith moves from the sit 'em category to being among the sleepers — even if he doesn't exactly fit the definition of one. But if Smith can ride this momentum, he'll move back into being an every-week starter.

RB Bernard Pierce: Forsett is the top back in this offense but Pierce will still get some looks. And Pierce did get the rushing touchdown against Tampa Bay. If desperate, or in a deep league, you could do worse than taking a chance on Pierce.