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These aren't the same old Browns anymore

The Browns blew out the Steelers on Sunday, possibly marking a turn in divisional power.

Jason Miller

The Browns beat the Steelers on Sunday for only the second time during the Ben Roethlisberger era.

Last week, Cleveland erased a 28-point deficit to trump the Titans (which is also the largest road comeback in the history of the NFL). In Week 3, the Browns came close to defeating the Ravens. In Week 2, they pestered a Drew Brees-led passing attack and Brian Hoyer rallied his team from behind to set up Billy Cundiff's game-winning field goal. The week before that the Steelers almost lost to Cleveland at Heinz Field.

The point?

The Browns we know (and love) don't do those things. They don't make games at Heinz Field nail-biters. They don't stifle Drew Brees to victory. They don't make Ravens fans nervous. They don't come back from a 28-point deficit on the road and — no, they don't destroy the Steelers by 21 points. What we're witnessing is a different Browns team.

The defense looks legitimate. Brian Hoyer is poised. Isaiah Crowell, Ben Tate, and Terrance West are a vicious, drooling-at-the-lips, three-headed monster at RB. The Browns can ball.

Well, it's either that or the Steelers aren't the same old Steelers anymore. I'm going with the former, though.