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Joe Flacco second Ravens QB with five touchdowns

Joe Flacco's last and only other game with four or more touchdowns came in a 31-7 rout of Chicago in 2009. He now has four touchdowns in a single quarter against the Bucs and just threw his fifth.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco now has 16 career games with three or more touchdowns. Two of those are games with four or more touchdowns. The last time Flacco threw for four touchdowns, the Ravens beat the Chicago Bears in Baltimore during the 2009 season when the Ravens finished with the ninth best offense in the NFL.

Going into the Bucs game, the Ravens offense ranked 10th after falling from sixth from their poor showing against Indianapolis.

The only season in which Flacco had no three touchdown pass games came in his rookie year of 2008.

Tony Banks is the only other Ravens quarterback with five or more touchdowns, which came in the last minute 39-36 comeback to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars for the first time in franchise history during the 2000 Super Bowl season.

Update 1:52 PM: Before I could publish this article to note that Flacco needed one more touchdown to tie Tony Banks for the franchise record, he threw a huge bomb to Steve Smith for a touchdown.

So...let's get a sixth and make the record officially his shall we?