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Torrey Smith could have a big game against Tampa Bay

After suffering through five tough weeks, Torrey Smith is due to break out in Week 6 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Michael Hickey

Fourth-year wide receiver Torrey Smith has not had the best of starts to the 2014 season. He has caught just 11 passes for 176 yards through the first five weeks, and he has been the number one receiver in each of those games.

Last year, Smith caught 65 passes for 1,128 yards. The year before that he caught 49 passes for 855 yards. The year before that, his rookie season, he caught 50 passes for 841 yards. Do you see why there is a concern here?

Smith has shown so much promise through the first few years of his career, and he looks to lead the next generation of great wide receivers in the NFL. The fact that he is struggling now is a bit of a concern, but I wouldn't over blow it.

Everyone has bad starts and has bad games. As we say in the real world, nobody's perfect, and if you are, you aren't human.

I think that Smith is due to have a breakout game and he will in Week 6 against Tampa Bay. The Bucs have a weak secondary and I just don't see Torrey Smith being held totally stagnant through the first six weeks of the season.

Steve Smith has been the Ravens' best receiver through the first quarter of the season, as he had caught 40 passes for 463 yards and three touchdown, catching five or more passes in each game this season.

I think from this point forward, Torrey Smith will take over as the Ravens number one receiver. It's time for Smith to take the next step, and it starts by outplaying the veteran Steve Smith and overtaking him as the team's top receiver.