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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens-Bucs predictions

Baltimore Beatdown's writers weigh in on this week's Ravens-Bucs game.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stevens

I think the Ravens defense comes back strong this week and can hold the Bucs run game to little yardage while showing Mike Glennon some serious pressure, hopefully leading to some turnovers.

Offensively, I think the Ravens try and run it down the Bucs' throat all game long. Keep the pace and the time of possession on their side (unlike what they did against the Colts) and get back to what has won them games... Flacco making high efficiency passes off play action and roll outs to keep drives going.

However, this does have all the makings of the Ravens annual trap game where they get dominated by a team that they really shouldn't be beat by.

Prediction: Ravens 31, Bucs 14

Brian Malan

Defense has a lock down game getting after whichever QB they want to throw out there, forcing early interceptions. Ravens offense controls the clock on the ground and punches in 3 TD's before halftime. The Ravens control the ball for more than 19 minutes in this game.

Prediction: Ravens 28, Bucs 7

Chuck Mills

The Ravens can run and pass the ball and the Buccaneers are horrendous vs. either of them. However I expect Joe Flacco to have less of a day then most, as the Ravens stick to the ground. The Ravens defense should have no problems with a weak Buccaneers O-Line that can't run-block, which should allow the pass rush to pressure Glennon and make the secondary's job easier.

Prediction: Ravens 31, Bucs 10

Jason Butt

The Buccaneers aren't a good team. But they're not at a Jacksonville or Oakland type of level. While the Buccaneers have some size advantages at receiver, the running game shouldn't be able to get going the way Lovie Smith would want. As a result, Mike Glennon will be asked to win this game, which only bodes well for the Ravens. This game is tight early with the Ravens pulling away late.

Prediction: Ravens 24, Bucs 14

Daniel Park

The Ravens go up 13-3 midway the second quarter off Justin Forsett's 42-yard scamper. The Bucs grind back before Steve Smith burns Alterraun Verner on a double-move.

Prediction: Ravens 23, Bucs 13

Rocky Friedman

If the Ravens Lose this game then they're in trouble, but I don't think they will. Flacco and the offensive line will rebound from their sluggish performance last week in Indy to score 28 points and the defense will have a relatively easy time with the Bucs offense.

Prediction: Ravens 28, Bucs 10

Dylan Guy

The Ravens offense starts fast and goes up big but slows down in the second half. The run game keeps it going just enough to not let this one ever be much of a contest, but the usual series of problems persist. Also, go O's.

Prediction: Ravens 24, Bucs 10