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Before joining the Ravens, how did Steve Smith perform against them?

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The veteran wide receiver has been wonderful for the Ravens. But how he fared against them?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As we get ready for Sunday's game, let's take a look back at how Steve Smith fared against the Ravens before joining them:

Week 1, September 8, 2002 at Carolina

4 receptions for 38 yards. 0 touchdowns. 1 fumble. Carolina won 10-7.

Week 6, October 15, 2006 at Baltimore

8 receptions for 189 yards and 1 touchdown.Carolina would win 23-21.

Week 11,November 21,2010 at Carolina

4 receptions for 46 yards. 0 touchdowns. Baltimore would win 37-13.

Steve Smith has played the Baltimore Ravens 3 times in his career unless you count the preseason (and I do not). In those games he caught 16 passes for 273 yards and 1 touchdown, which is half as many yards he has in 2014 and one-third as many touchdowns. Or 5.33 receptions for 91 yards and .33 Touchdowns vs. the Ravens. He is 2-1 lifetime against the Ravens as a Panther and 1-0 lifetime against the Panthers as a Raven.