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Which one meant more: Super Bowl XXXV or Super Bowl XLVII?

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With the Super Bowl this weekend, we re-visit the two championships the Ravens won.


In the franchise's short history, the Baltimore Ravens have been able to take home two Super Bowl championships.

Those were Super Bowl XXXV over the Giants and Super Bowl XLVII over the 49ers. Both came at interesting times in franchise history.

The 2000 season was a success with dominant defense after four years of struggles. The 2012 season saw the Ravens jump out to a 9-2 start but falter a bit into the postseason.

But both teams turned it on when it mattered most, with the 2012 team being a more surprising team.

So what do you guys think? Which Super Bowl meant more?

Super Bowl XXXV

The Ravens rode a seven-game winning streak into the NFL postseason. Baltimore's defense then strangled Denver to a 21-3 victory and upset rival Tennessee 24-10. Oakland was no match in the AFC Championship and lost 16-3 to Baltimore.

Then came the Super Bowl, with the Ravens pitted against the best offense they'd face all season. And it didn't matter. The Ravens wouldn't let Tiki Barber run and kept Kerry Collins in check in the passing game. Brandon Stokley scored the game's first touchdown and the Ravens went on to rout the Giants 34-7.

This game instilled a lot of pride to Baltimore, which had only had football back in the city for five seasons at this point. It was certainly a moment Ravens fans will never forget.

Super Bowl XLVII

Whereas the 2000 team rode into the postseason hot, the 2012 team lost four of its last five games in the regular season (though the Ravens rested their starters in the finale). The Ravens were just getting accustomed to Jim Caldwell leading the offense and no one thought they could make a Super Bowl run.

But boy, did the Ravens prove the naysayers wrong. After beating the Colts 24-9 in the Wild Card round, the Ravens upset the Broncos in the divisional round 38-35 in double overtime. Jacoby Jones hauled in an improbable 70-yard touchdown to prolong the game. Then the Ravens defeated the Patriots 28-13 to get into the Super Bowl.

The Ravens jumped out to a 28-6 lead before half of the power in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome went out. A 34-minute delay ensued before the game returned. The 49ers were able to take some momentum away from the Ravens and began a furious comeback.

The Ravens were up 34-29 and the 49ers were driving late. But inside the 10, the Ravens were able to hold on four downs. They gave up a safety for field position purposes and won their second Super Bowl in team history.

So which one was more important to you? Vote below.