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Jacoby Jones stars in new commercial that features a fake Mike Tomlin

Jacoby Jones attempts to get somewhere, but Tomlin is in his way once again.

Jones Junction, a car dealership in Maryland, decided to have Jacoby Jones on their new commercial. It is about their new "Jones for a Lifetime" deal, and it was fitting to have one of Baltimore's favorite "Jones" be in the commercial.

Near the end of the 31-second advertisement, a man dressed in black and yellow, with a coaches' headset on, steps in front of Jacoby as he makes his way over to get a free manicure. It's obviously supposed to be a fake Mike Tomlin, making fun of the incident that happened on Thanksgiving night during the Steelers-Ravens game, that eventually got Steelers' head coach Mike Tomlin fined $100,000.

If you don't live anywhere near Baltimore, which I don't, this is the only place you'll be able to see it! Check it out!

The commercial would be much better if you could fully understand Jones, but that's just the way he talks! Enjoy, Ravens Nation!

Jacoby Jones for a Lifetime (via MsLaurenWhite)