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Rick Dennison ready to work with Joe Flacco, results will be key for Ravens offense in 2014

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This is Dennison's first stint as quarterbacks coach.

Rick Dennison will hope to help Joe Flacco as his new quarterbacks coach.
Rick Dennison will hope to help Joe Flacco as his new quarterbacks coach.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco enjoyed a great working relationship with Jim Caldwell, initially brought on to coach quarterbacks in 2012.

When Caldwell became the offensive coordinator, he held onto his quarterback coaching duties, to keep things on the same page with Flacco.

Now that Rick Dennison is assuming the quarterbacks coach role in Baltimore, how the two of them work together will be key. Magnifying the issue, perhaps, is the fact that Dennison has never served strictly as a quarterbacks coach on an offensive coaching staff before.

But it's something Dennison believes he'll be able to adjust to accordingly.

"The last few years, being a coordinator with Gary [Kubiak] in Houston, I was predominantly in the quarterback room," Dennison said at Monday's introductory press conference. "I know how he thinks with a quarterback, how he coaches a quarterback, having spent my time with him. But also I'm going to touch as many areas as I can. I know what kind of system he likes — run and pass — having dealt with it for a long time. So, I'll try to do as much as I can to help that whole process."

Twice under Dennison's tutelage in Houston, Matt Schaub threw for over 4,000 yards in a single season. Flacco has yet to due that in six NFL seasons.

Dennison, along with Kubiak, will look to make Flacco much more comfortable at the position so that he can put up the kind of numbers he's capable of doing.

"I'm excited about the transition. Football is football. There may be some terminology things here and there, and maybe Gary can answer this better than I can, but you definitely build your offense around your quarterback. It starts with Joe, and those are conversations that we've had going forward. So, we are going to do whatever we can to make Joe the best player he can be, and Joe is pretty fired up about that."