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Ray Lewis in RoboCop form

What if Ray Lewis could be brought back in the form of a robot, much like is done in the film RoboCop?

Patrick Smith

Along the lines of what you'll see in the new RoboCop movie remake, what would it be like to have one Ravens player that could be built like a machine and play forever?

Well, we already know who that player would be. It would be none other than Ray Lewis. Ravens fans love him, considering he's the greatest middle linebacker to ever play the game. He led the organization to two Super Bowl championships and is the reason the Ravens are identified as a defensive first team.

For starters, Lewis would forever have the brace on his right arm to protect the triceps — simply because it looks cool and robotic to begin with.

Secondly, he'd need to have individualized motors on each of his legs to aid in his speed. As he aged, like any football player, Lewis began to slow down.

Lastly, he'd need some sort of microchip implanted in his brain to help identify certain plays before the snap. He excelled at that throughout his career. So imagine how great Lewis would be if it was 100 percent second-nature.

Of course, the Ravens can't bring Lewis back. He retired at the right time of his career and on a high note.

And his life after football has gotten off to a great start with ESPN.

RoboCop is scheduled to appear in theaters in the U.S. on Feb. 12.