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Justin Tucker almost wins Pro Bowl for Team Sanders

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Justin Tucker came very close to winning the Pro Bowl for Team Sanders.

The 2014 Pro Bowl was played on Sunday, January 26th, and it featured a much better playing style. Players were hitting one another harder than last year, and seemed to actually care about the game.

It was also especially fun to see teammates like Luke Kuechly and Mike Tolbert, Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Charles, etc. hitting each other like they mean it, when most people thought they may take it easy to avoid injury.

As for the Ravens' players, all three had pretty decent games.

Marshal Yanda played well and consistent, like always, even though Cam Newton and Nick Foles continuously got sacked. Most sacks were not Yanda's fault, and sometimes he wasn't even on the field when the sacks occurred.

Terrell Suggs had four tackles on the day, tied for the second most on his team. Of course, he had himself a blast in Hawaii, like most of the players did.

But Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker was the main man from Baltimore in the spotlight. Tucker went 3-for-3 on extra points, but unfortunately he also went 0-for-2 on field goals.

Deion Sanders trusted Tucker to try and kick a 66-yarder at the end of the first half, but it was wide left and a yard or two short.

As the game went on, the score remained 14-14 until the fourth quarter, where Team Sanders scored on a 12-yard touchdown pass from Nick Foles to Jordan Cameron. Then, with 41 seconds to play, Team Rice scored on a 20-yard DeMarco Murray touchdown reception from Alex Smith. They would go for two and get it to take the lead late in the fourth.

After two first down receptions by Jason Witten, Sanders brought Justin Tucker out with five seconds remaining to try and kick the game-winning field goal, something he is very accustomed to. The only problem was, it was a 67-yard attempt. Tucker had missed from 66-yards earlier, and this was a yard shorter, but he'd try it out anyway.

Tucker came out there with confidence, kicked the ball, and it was BARELY short and a little to the right. If it would have been a 65-yard kick, it would've most likely made it.

Oh well, even the best kicker in the league has to miss one or two at some point. I think I can forgive him for missing two field goals in the Pro Bowl that were from almost 70-yards out.

Legatron, Optimus 9, or whatever you want to call him, still has one of the strongest legs in the National Football League.

Tucker hit a 61-yard, game-winning field goal in Detroit earlier this season, one of the biggest reasons he made the Pro Bowl this year.