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Jordan Matthews' senior year at a glance

We all know about Vanderbilt's star wide receiver Jordan Matthews and how he broke nearly every SEC receiving record in 2013. But just how good was he his senior year?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, Jordan Matthews continued to terrorize SEC secondaries as he pulled in 112 receptions for 1,477 yards and seven touchdowns; putting his career totals at an astounding 262 receptions for 3,759 yards and 24 touchdowns

Without a doubt, Matthews' 2013 campaign will forever rank as one of the greatest individual performances by a wide receiver as he became the first player in SEC history to accumulate 100 or more receptions en route to All-American and All-SEC honors. But just how good was he his senior year?

After poring through multiple box scores for Vanderbilt's 2013 season, I was able to create a graphical representation of how many yards Matthews got on each of his 112 receptions this past season.


As you can see above, Matthews has quite a bit of versatility in that he can be effective in both underneath routes and can beat his defender for the occasional 20+ yard play. For someone whose biggest knock is his speed, Matthews certainly seems to have the ability to break away for huge yardage.

And in case you're a mega stat-nerd (I know I am), here are some cool facts about Matthews' 2013 season:

1) Averaged a touchdown every 16 receptions.

2) Had 22 receptions for 20 or more yards. To put that into perspective, Torrey Smith had 20 receptions for 20 or more yards this season in three more games than Matthews.

3) The second leading receiver in terms of receptions in the SEC had 35 fewer than Matthews (LSU's Jarvis Landry hauled in 77).

4) The longest reception Matthews had was his 55-yard touchdown in Vanderbilt's week one match-up against Ole Miss.

5) Matthews' only multi-touchdown game came in Vanderbilt's bowl game against Houston where he caught two 50-yard touchdown passes. Not a shabby way to conclude your collegiate career.