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Terrell Suggs, Justin Tucker show their humorous side in Hawaii

Terrell Suggs and Justin Tucker both had a little fun in Hawaii yesterday for the Pro Bowl draft.

Terrell Suggs at practice for the Pro Bowl that will take place on January 26th.
Terrell Suggs at practice for the Pro Bowl that will take place on January 26th.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Day 2 of the Pro Bowl draft was yesterday, January 22nd, and there were a lot of fun interviews and videos from the draft.

Ravens' outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and kicker Justin Tucker were both selected by Team Sanders late in the draft. They both had a little fun while they were waiting to be picked.

Justin Tucker had never been picked in a draft, since he went undrafted in 2012 out of the University of Texas. Before the draft, Tucker was pretty psyched to know that he would finally be able to hear his name called and walk up on stage:

Of course, Deion Sanders wouldn't take a kicker first in a Pro Bowl draft. That's equivalent to taking a kicker number one overall in a fantasy football draft. It just isn't a great idea, but Tucker sure thought it was.

Tucker didn't stop with the tweets. During the entire draft, there were things called Pro Bowl draft confessionals, where players would talk to the camera like they were in a diary room. I think it's pretty well-known by now that Tuck's was the funniest and best out of all the players there.

Take a look, here on

Unfortunately for Legatron (I don't care if that's Greg Zuerlein's nickname), he ended up being drafted in the 21st round, one of the last picks.

As for Terrell Suggs, the former Defensive Player-of-the-Year always has himself a fun time. After he was picked in the 19th round, he was interviewed and showed off his career accomplishments in a hilarious way.

Check out how Sizzle reacted on stage after being picked late in the draft here on

I think it's safe to say that players on the Baltimore Ravens are always having fun, and even though they had an 8-8 season and missed the playoffs, Suggs and Tucker are still happy as ever, while helping other people get a good laugh at their so-called "silliness."