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Team Sanders selects Terrell Suggs, Justin Tucker in Pro Bowl draft

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Deion Sanders and his team captains have selected two more Ravens' players on Day Two of the Pro Bowl Draft.

Terrell Suggs in Hawaii posing with a Team Sanders jersey.
Terrell Suggs in Hawaii posing with a Team Sanders jersey.
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On Day One of the Pro Bowl draft, Team Sanders selected Marshal Yanda, who was picked second out of all the guards in the Pro Bowl.

On Day Two, Ravens' linebacker Terrell Suggs and kicker Justin Tucker were both picked by Team Sanders.

Suggs was selected 37th overall, making him one of the last nine picks in the draft. He was a little upset and he was interviewed while he was waiting to be picked.

"I would just like to be picked," Suggs said. "I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't the first pick, cause... I'm great!"

Fortunately for Suggs, he was eventually selected by Team Sanders, ensuring him he'd get to play with his teammate Marshal Yanda.

As for Justin Tucker, he was selected 41st overall by Team Sanders, and he was pretty psyched about it. He went up on stage after he was selected, and all you could see was a big, shiny diamond on his finger. I wonder where he got that? (Hint: He won a Super Bowl last season.)

All three Ravens' players were selected by Team Sanders, which helps Ravens' fans choose who they're going to pull for.

The Pro Bowl will be held this Sunday in Honolulu, Hawaii. It will be Team Sanders vs. Team Rice in a showdown that you don't want to miss. It's also the first unconferenced Pro Bowl, which is the whole reason why they had the Pro Bowl draft in the first place.

Ravens' nose tackle Haloti Ngata was voted into the Pro Bowl, but pulled out a week ago due to the possibility of his third child being born.

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