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The most important question the Ravens should ask during OC interviews

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"What do you see wrong with our offense?"

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens aren't only searching for an offensive identity, they're now a week into their search for a new offensive coordinator.

So far, former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and former Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan have been reportedly interviewed for the job, with many additional candidates expected to meet with Ozzie Newsome & Co. for one of the league's most attractive coaching vacancies remaining.

Jim Caldwell's hiring as head coach for the Detroit Lions was a blessing in disguise because it's believed he would have been fired by the Ravens after the offense finished ranked 29th overall. Now that the Ravens are looking for his replacement, this interview process should act like a speed dating process with the opportunity to solicit information from very well qualified offensive minds.

"What do you see wrong with our offense?"

If this question is asked during each interview (as it should be), it's likely that there will be some responses the coaches don't want to hear, but should. Only one candidate will get the opportunity to actually practice what they preach during the interview, but all of the information given by these candidates should be taken seriously.

It's not that crazy to think that what seems to be obvious struggles could be overlooked given how entrenched the coaching staff is with their players and schemes.

When it comes to their personnel, the front office may think they have all the answers, but after a disappointing 8-8 season, this offensive coordinator search may be exactly what the Ravens needed to make the most out of their investment with quarterback Joe Flacco and his supporting cast.