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Who To Root For on Championship Sunday as a Ravens Fan

As the NFC and AFC Championships take place today to determine the Superbowl, Ravens fans are left with an empty feeling inside. For the first time in two years, the Ravens are not competing today.

Jim Rogash

In nearly every game I watch, I attempt to take stance on which team I want to win. Whether it is decided by conference, fantasy football players, or irrational hatred, I always take a side.

Today is especially difficult, as each team competing for a spot in the Superbowl presents its own issues.


New England Patriots-

The only thing worse than Bill Belichick’s cut off sleeves is Tom Brady’s awkward Uggs commercials. The Ravens and Pats have never gotten along just as M&T Bank Stadium have never liked Tom Brady (who could forget "the loudest manure chant"?). Belichick has been caught cheating during Superbowls and Brady constantly whines to officials. Their fans may be the most obnoxious in the NFL as well. Rule number one of the Irrational Hatred List- never root for the Steelers or Patriots unless their victory benefits the Ravens.

Denver Broncos-

The only reason Peyton Manning may not be liked is because he is too perfect. He does not complain like Brady, has never gotten into trouble, and for all intents and purposes is the perfect role model. More than anything, he is a great story of a man persevering through terrible neck surgeries to play at the top level of his Hall of Fame bound career at 37 years old. This, combined with the "root against the Patriots" mentality, overtakes Baltimore’s disgust of John Elway for a team to root for.


San Francisco 49ers-

As previously stated, nobody likes a whiner. Jim Harbaugh is a big whiner. All of the classiness of that family what inherited by John, and not even blood is worth rooting for the 49ers. The Ravens beat them in the Superbowl last year, and the players’ and fans’ complaining about a "controversial" no-call on Jimmy Smith’s tight defense of Michael Crabtree sealed their place on my Irrational Hatred List.

Seattle Seahawks-

The Seahawks are supremely talented and led by loud mouth cornerback Richard Sherman, who I actually enjoy. What I do not enjoy is the Seahawks leading the league in physically enhancing drug (PED) use during Head Coach Pete Carroll’s tenure. They are the new bandwagon-fan team, so the most I am hoping for here is a good game to send a team to the Superbowl to lose to Peyton Manning, who deserves another ring before he retires.