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K.C. Keeler, Joe Flacco's college coach at Delaware, would be open to joining Ravens staff as assistant

While open to being a Ravens' assistant, he understands that's probably not going to happen.

K.C. Keeler would be open to joining the Ravens' staff in 2014.
K.C. Keeler would be open to joining the Ravens' staff in 2014.
Mitch Stringer, USA TODAY Sports

Here's an interesting thought for Baltimore's next offensive coordinator: Why not bring in the guy that once coached Joe Flacco in college?

Appearing on WNST's program "The Reality Check" with Glenn Clark, former Delaware coach K.C. Keeler was quickly asked if he'd be interested in being the next offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. I think we all know the answer to that, for someone who's highest level of coaching was at the FCS level.

"I want to coach so if coach Harbaugh is calling, I'm taking it, brother," Keeler quickly said, with a little jest in his voice.

Keeler, who was fired from Delaware after the 2012 season, later noted there's not a chance he's joining the Ravens' staff, though he said he put some feelers out there to other NFL staffs, at possibly being a position coach in the NFL

"I would be interested in being a position coach at the next level," Keeler said. "in college, I want to be a head coach. I've actually inquired about some opportunities of getting on that next level because I think I have a lot to offer."

He added, "This isn't me trying to sell myself to get on the Ravens staff. That isn't going to happen."

Keeler has maintained a positive relationship with Flacco since his final season with the Blue Hens in 2007. He's offered some advice to John Harbaugh and has been invited to the Ravens' team facility numerous times.

As it pertains to the offensive coordinator search, Keeler told Clark that it's important to at least have Flacco's input on the process. Not that Flacco should have any decision-making power, but that his thoughts should be heard about the various candidates that the team has or plans to interview.

"When you have a guy who's won the most games in the history of the NFL in their first six years in the NFL, and you're paying him the kind of money, and you're right, they're paying Joe Flacco," Keeler said. "He's the face of the franchise. I don't know if you need to check with Joe but you need to make sure it's the right fit because if you want to have success, you need to make sure it's the right fit with what your quarterback does best."