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Thursday Ravens links

Read what the rest of the web is saying about the Baltimore Ravens.

Norm Hall

Looking back at the Anquan Boldin trade

The Baltimore Sun's Matt Vensel examines the Ravens' decision to trade Anquan Boldin last offseason, a move that came back to hurt the team unexpectedly.

Looking back at last year's Super Bowl Week

The Baltimore Sun's Childs Walker remembers what last year's Super Bowl Week was like for the Ravens, which appeared in the NFL's title game against the 49ers.

Trading Boldin grants an F grade

Russell Street Report's Tony Lombardi writes that the Ravens' deciding to trade Anquan Boldin should grant an F grade after looking back on it.

Dallas Clark thinking about retirement

Clark, who spent the 2013 regular season with Baltimore, is considering retirement after a season where he was an afterthought in the Ravens' offense.

Kyle Juszczyk could be bigger part of offense moving forward's Ryan Mink writes that fullback Kyle Juszczyk could become a bigger part on offense entering the 2014 season.