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As it turns out, former Ravens running back Damien Berry did sell his Super Bowl XLVII ring

Documents prove he sold the ring.

Rob Carr

Ready for part three of the Damien Berry saga?

First, he sold the Super Bowl XLVII ring he was given after last season's championship run. Then he went on the offensive and called multiple media outlets to tell them a friend took his ring and sold it without his consent.

And now?

Well, it looks like Berry did in fact sell his Super Bowl ring and is saying otherwise to save face with the general public that blasted him on social media for doing so.

According to the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, notarized documents prove that Berry sold his ring to Goldin Auctions, which is leaving it up to those online to bid for it.

"We feel like our credibility has been questioned by Damien, and I feel like he's injuring the sale of the ring," Goldin told Wilson. "We wanted to set the record straight and assure the winning bidder on the ring to know that we have full authorization to sell the ring and they will own it clear and unencumbered.

"I don't know why Damien is doing this, but I can only imagine that Damien is embarrassed. You don't see [former Ravens linebacker] Jamie Sharper saying anything. As a business owner, I'm obligated to defend our business practices."

It's one thing to sell your ring. Some fans will get upset, some won't care. Personally, it's his property and he has the right to do whatever he wants with it, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

But if you do something like that and still want to maintain a presence on social media sites like twitter, you better be ready to take the heat when something like this gets out.

And it appears Berry was unable to do so. Now he looks even worse lying about having his ring stolen when it sure looks like he willfully made the transaction.